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Balluff UK distributor offering the full range of industrial Balluff sensors for your application. Call us on 0113 289 7148, email or fill our enquiry form in and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We have supported Balluff UK sensors for many years in measurement and control.

Countersales UK Ltd is the leading Balluff UK distributor and offers Balluff UK sensor and expert technical experience, so that our customers benefit from a reliable service we offer in the UK, Europe & the rest of the World. Whatever you´re looking for from high precision, explosive protection or low-cost standard solution we collaborate with the Balluff UK sensor group to help you find the right part or solution for your industrial application.

Balluff UK distributor sensors have various technology and operating principles. Countersales offer premium sensors and systems for all industrial applications and requirements. The Balluff UK distributor sensor range includes position measurement, identification to object recognition and fluid measurement. Industrial tough applications in harsh environments are no match for Balluff UK sensors. 

Balluff UK distributor sensor range includes

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