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Datasensor Sensors for all your industrial applications.

Datasensor (Is now known as Datalogic) provides a wide range of sensors for many applications and specific purposes, such as colour, contrast and luminescence sensors, fork sensors for label detection, as well as devices for dimensional and distance measurement. These sensors are for industrial applications such as automatic machines, packaging lines, transportation lines, ceramics working machines, automatic warehouses

We have supported datasensor in the UK for many years in measurement and control.

Countersales UK Ltd offers Datasensor products and expert technical experience, so that our customers benefit from a reliable service we offer in the UK, Europe & the rest of the World. Whatever you´re looking for from high precision, explosive protection or low-cost standard solution we collaborate with our customers to help you find the right part or solution for your industrial application.

If you can not find the encoder you require quickly we can program our Baumer encoders and if you require it very urgently we can get it to you the same day.

Datasensor Photoelectric sensors

The photoelectric sensor range include tubular, miniture, compact, subminiture, maxi fork, contrast, luminescence, colour and safety area.

Datasensor inductive proximity sensors

The inductive proximity sensor range include basic, steel, metal face, weld field immune, inductive ac, namur and square

Datasensor measuring ultrasonic sensors

The ultrasonic sensor range include US18, US30 and US50

Datasensor measuring distance sensors

The distance sensor range include S65 M, S80, S81 and S85

Datasensor light array sensors

The light array sensors range include DS1, DS2, DS3 and S65 Z

We supply to OEM´s, wholesalers & the end-user. Click here to view the datasensor product list, but we suggest you put in the part number in the search above or contact us with your enquiry.


OEM bought Datasensor UK Ltd who were the distributor for Datasensor sensors, Datasensor safety products.

The business was transferred from Datasensor UK to OEM at our Leicester address and now Datasensor UK are now available in the UK.

Datasensor are fully behind this initiative and see the company complementary to the product range and long experience in the UK market, make them an ideal partner to work with in the future.

The Companies is throughout Europe and are particularly strong in the Scandinavian market where we have successfully represented Datasensor for some years now.  

Datalogic offer a comprehensive and complete range of cutting edge products for automation, typically in the following sectors: automotive, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, electronics & solar, special purpose machines, transportation & logistics.

Products include:

Datasensor UK address. (In the first instance please contact 0113 289 7147)

Datasensor UK, Whetstone, Leicester, UK, England, LE8 6ZG


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