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Official Authorized Hengstler UK Distributor.

Hengstler UK manufacturer industrial counters, timers, temperature controllers and rotary encoders. They have a vast array of incremental and absolute rotary encoder products so users can select the required configuration or specification from over two million possible rotary encoders. The large range of encoders which include; Dynapar, Veeder root, Northstar, Kuhnke and Heavy Duty.

We are an authorised Hengstler UK Distributor and supplier

We are a leading Hengstler UK supplier and distributor in the UK for all counters and encoders. We are able to supply all their products, and would be happy to offer you a quote, or help with an application, just make an enquiry and we will get back to you quickly.

We supply to OEM´s, wholesalers and the end user. Click here to view the Hengstler sales product list, but we suggest you put in the part number in the search above or contact us with your enquiry.

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Overview of Our Hengstler UK Counters

Hengstler has an extensive range of electronic, electro-mechanical, mechanical and pneumatic counters. The range includes mini-counters, programmable control counters, multi-function counters, position displays, displays, tachometers and timers.

Hengstler UK totalizing counters

Industry uses totalizing counters for as production counting, recording flow volumes for displaying the count number of events that happen.

Totaling counters:

Hengstler UK TICO preset counters and Hengstler Signo preset counters

Hengstler controller preset counters are counters for industrial applications such as control of order-specific quantities, control of coil windings. Hengstler offers preset versions with electronic, electro-mechanical, pneumatic or mechanical signals. 

Preset counters:

Hengstler UK TICO multifunction counters

These multi-functional counters have a wide offer choice of customer-programmable parameters and functions such as counters, tachometers, timers, shift counters, section counters.

Multi-function counters:

Hengstler UK time counters

Time counters display the hours of use of installations, machines and appliances and aid with providing information on the expiry times of warranty periods or the next scheduled maintenance work. For use in maintenance interval counters and control of mixing quantities.

Hour timers:

Hengstler UK TICO Tachometers

Tachometers are for recording in a particular time sequence such as delivery speeds, rotary speeds, through-flow. Examples of industrial applications these tachometers are for rotary speed display, monitoring and production speeds.

Range includes

Hengstler UK TICO position displays

Hengstler UK position displays come with LED or LCD displays.

Range includes:

Hengstler UK proximity switches.

Proximity switches use sensors that respond to the object without direct contact. These are used in industrial technical processes for detecting the position of workpieces and tools and to trigger safety actions.

Overview of Our Hengstler UK Rotary Encoders

Hengstler has a large variety of encoders with over two million possible rotary encoders, such as absolute, incremental and motor feedback encoders. These encoders are for standard industrial applications and demanding harsh environments. 

Hengstler UK absolute encoders

Hengstler offers high-resolution single turn or multi-turn absolute encoders.

Absolute rotary encoders:

Hengstler UK incremental encoders

From cost-effective standard types through to extremely robust heavy-duty products, we can supply the right incremental encoder for your application. Hengstler can provide incremental encoders with up to 10,000 pulses per revolution.

Incremental encoders:

Hengstler Ex encoders

EX encoders:

Hengstler UK Sin/Cos encoders

Accurate sine wave encoders are a preferred choice in drives with high dynamics thanks to their low harmonic distortion. They have excellent immunity to interference and high functional dependability due to control and system monitoring. Motors are more effective with these type of encoder because of their large range of working temperatures.

Range includes: S21

Overview of Our Hengstler UK accessories

Whether you need encoder wheels, measuring wheels, panel frames, counter covers, cases, encoder clamps, mechanical fasteners, angle brackets, couplings, plug-in connectors, extension cables or keys; Countersales UK Hengstler distributor offers a broad selection for dispatch anywhere.

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Hengstler history began in 1846 with a clockmaker named Johannes Hengstler in Germany Aldingen. In 1954 the company invested in a plastic injection moulding machine, which allowed it to manufacture its own plastic parts. In 1957 the 400 system revolutionary counter system was invented. Hengstler brought out onto the market the first modular rotary encoders with Opto ASIC technology in 1993. In 1995 the Danaher company acquired Hengstler and Veeder-Root companies.

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