Heidenhain Rotary Encoders

All genuine Heidenhain encoders right here shipped everywhere. Countersales is one of the UK leading suppliers of Heidenhain Encoders. We can offer all of Heidenhain encoders parts and products at competitive prices on all Heidenhain.

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Heidenhain Encoders

There are may distributors of Heidenhain encoders and Countersales consider ourselves are one of the best. Ask us to quote you on any Heidenhain encoders and you will see how competitive our prices our. Countersales have been providing expert advice support and sals of Heidenhain encoders for over 25 years.  

Heidenhain are manufacturers of various rotary encoders used for a number of different applications that require angle and rotary accurate measurements sometimes in a tough environment. Heidenhain angle encoders differ from standard rotary encoders in terms of price, accuracy, mechanical complexity and the number of counts per revolution.

Typical applications of the angle encoders include: rotary tables, swivel heads on machine tools, radio and optical telescopes and antennae, high resolution digital printing machines, robotics, C-axes of lathes and gear measuring machines

Typical applications of the rotary encoders include: electrical motors, machine tools, printing machines, woodworking machines, textile machines, robots and handling devices, as well as various types of measuring, testing and inspection devices.

Countersales do not repair Heidenhain encoders as we believe that when you factor in the cost of test and repair you may have well bought a new encoder.

Countersales offer supply and advice on the following Heidenhain Encoders:

Heidenhain Absolute Encoders

The Heidenhain absolute encoders range has options of single or multi-turn, clamping flange, sychro flange, blind hollow shafts, through hollow shafts, special outputs and high voltage outputs. The high accuracy rotary encoders come in both non-contact and ip rated sealed all at competitive prices.

Heidenhain Incremental Encoders

All Heidenhain incremental encoders are available for Countersales UK. There are a number of different options like that of the absolute range. These include blind hollow shaft and through hollow shaft Heidenhain incremental encoders and solid shaft Heidenhain incremental encoders with clamping flange or sychro flange.

Heidenhain Linear Encoders and Length Gauges

The Heidenhain linear encoder scales are available in either sealed or exposed versions and length gauges in absolute and incremental versions for a variety of industrial applications. Click here to find out more about our Heidenhain linear encoders and length gauges. The linear encoders are used in industry where high quality positioning accuracy, reliability and machining speed are needed.

Heidenhain Optical Encoders

Countersales offer all Heidenhain optical encoders that includes either solid shaft or blind hollow and through hollow versions. These optical encoders are best used in challenging and harsh industrial applications. All our Heidenhain optical encoders are competitively priced.

Heidenhain Rotary Encoders

We offer all Heidenhain rotary encoders at competitive prices. The Heidenhain rotary encoders are used in different industrial applications and the range of options includes: single, multi-turn, sealed, non-contact, solid shafts, clamping flange, sychro flange, blind hollow shaft and through hollow shaft special outputs and high voltage output versions.

Heidenhain Shaft Encoders

Countersales support and supply all Heidenhain shaft encoders. These encoders are available with aclamping flange or sychro flange, pulse counts up to 90,000 ppr. The shaft, blind hollow or through hollow versions are available in  4 mm to 60 mm in diameter.

We only provide genuine Heidenhain encoders and will always strive for the best possible service.

We don´t repair Heidenhain encoders because when you factor in cost of sending the encoder, cost testing it and then cost repairing it you may has well bought a new one saving you time and having a manufactures warranty. 

To find specifications about individual Heidenhain encoders, or about Heidenhain in general, please see the downloads below:

Do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 289 7147 to speak to our experienced team and customer support regarding any Heidenhain encoder enquiry. Alternatively, you can fill in the enquiry form or email support@countersales.co.uk and one of our team will get back straight away.

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