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  Bespoke HMI Counting and Measuring Solutions

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Bespoke counting, measuring, timing and weighing solutions

We have been involved in industrial counting, measuring, weighing and timing in the UK for over 25 years supporting process and automation engineers in the manufacture of parts and goods.

Our bespoke industrial counting solutions use an array of counters and/or sensors with a programmable touch screen HMI that has a 7" or 177 mm display. 

Benefits of our bespoke solutions

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Easy to Use at an Incredible price

Our Technical staff have designed counting measuring, timing and weighing solution for over 25 year. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your application.

i4A-ENC Counter Series

4.3" or 7" Colour Touch Screen

Our solution will easily fit new or existing industrial automation applications and can be provide with a manual, remote and automatic resets if required.

Fool prof operation for the machine operator to help them react quickly and reduce downtime. Our solutions have covered one machine to several production lines needing a just one counter and timer display.

We can set a password to lock the whole or part of the display from being tampered with by the operator.

The unit measures 136 mm x 105.1 mm x 61.3 mm in size and weighing just 350g. The display can be wiped clean and is ideal for industrial, food and pharmaceutical applications meeting IP66 ingress protection.

Bespoke counting, timing measuring and weighing solutions

These bespoke industrial process automation solutions can be mix and matched depending on situation.

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